3 Repair Considerations Before Buying A Used Boat Trailer

11 July 2018
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With the vast expanse of the ocean at your fingertips, owning a boat can make your weekends a lot of fun. If you are planning to invest in a used option, you may need to undertake certain boat trailer repairs or upgrades. Here are some repair considerations to ascertain whether the used boat trailer is worth it:

Determine The Extent Of The Damage To The Operating Gear

Some boat trailers are well maintained, while others may have some blemishes. Salt water can damage even the sturdiest of boat trailers, especially if they haven't been properly rinsed after use. Before you decide to make the purchase, it's important that you determine the extent of the damage to the operating gear. For example, if the suspension and braking systems are damaged, you may need to undertake more extensive repair. If the rollers or skids are worn out or hardened, then they may need replacement. You may want to consider hiring a boat repair expert who can inspect the trailer before your actual purchase.

Look For Signs Of Deep-Rooted Rust And Corrosion

While rust is sometimes common because of constant exposure to high levels of moisture and salt water, you don't want it to reach the point where it completely corrodes the steel. Surface-level rust can easily be rectified and repaired, but deep-rooted corrosion will mean that the steel may need complete replacement. This will cost you more in repairs than simple rust removal. Make sure you look for out these signs. A boat trailer repair specialist will be able to identify the extent of the damage and will advise you accordingly.

Check The Tyres For Signs Of Wear And Tear

The tyres on boat trailers need to be in the best possible condition to be able to hold the weight of the boat. This means you need to look for signs of punctures. You'll also want to check the hub rings, lug nuts and rims for any issues. For example, damaged rims can cause the trailer's tyres to blow out and will need to be replaced. Make sure the tyres are not cracked and peeling — because you don't want to end up with something that will damage your far more expensive boat in the long run.

Used boat trailers may need a bit of repair, but make sure you don't end up buying something that will cost you a fortune to fix.